Hello and welcome as always to this week’s Plec Picks! We had a bit of a break over Christmas and now we’re back to fill your ears drums. New Year – New Music.

If you’ve never experienced The Plec Picks (listen to older playlists here) or are a little confused about what The Plec Picks are, the GP team (and sometimes readers) jot down what their most listened to songs of the week are and we make a lovely playlist of all the songs for everyone to enjoy. It’s interesting to hear what everyone’s listening to and it’s a chance to hear something different. You might even discover your new favourite band! As there’s a lot of different tastes in the mix here, every song isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking so feel free to skip to the next song if there’s something that doesn’t quite float your boat.

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What’s in there?

Le Galaxie feat Elaine Mai // Love System (Chosen by Aisling O’Brien)

2012 was an unreal year for Le Galaxie. Their set at Electric Picnic was amazing, Love system was a highlight for me. I haven’t seen them since so this week I’ve been listening to this on repeat in anticipation of seeing them on Saturday in The Button Factory.

Father John Misty // Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Chosen by Sean Noone)

I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I first heard it a few months ago. It was fantastic live in the Workman’s before Christmas too.

Chvrches // The Mother We Share (Chosen by David Dooley)

Probably the best song I’ve heard in ages. Nothing musically groundbreaking but that chorus melody is just beautiful.

Paul McCartney with Dave Grohl, Krist Noveselic and Pat Smear (sirvana? ) // Cut me some Slack (Chosen by Claire Kane)

Not only does this song combine the remaining likeable members of my two favourite bands, it is a stomper of a song. The cynical brigade have been moaning about it but ignore them, it’s awesome. And the best part? No Ringo!

The Wombats // Kill The Director (Chosen by Sean Smyth)

The Wombats are one of those bands that I’ve been meaning to but just never gotten around to listening to. I know their hits like “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” and “Moving to New York” but I’d never listened to a full album. The Wombats Proudly Present: A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation has been on a loop for the past week. Really, really enjoying it!

Wu Tang Clan // I Can’t Go To Sleep (Chosen by Kevin Donnellan)

One of Wu Tang Clan’s most underrated songs. Plus the best example of whining-as-rapping you’re likely to hear. Ghostface Killah and RZA bemoan their history, while Issac Hayes gently reassures them.

Pendulum // No One Knows! (Chosen by Geraldine Fitzsimons)

I know its an oldie but cannot get it out of my head

Bon Iver // Re: Stacks (Chosen by Damon Foster on Facebook)

SEASFIRE // We Will Wake (Chosen by Aisling McHugh)

Saw them on a few “Ones to Watch in 2013” lists, had a listen, fell in love instantly :)

Donald Height // Don’t Let Me Down (Chosen by Sean Conroy)

Found on the ‘Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon & McCartney’ compilation, Height’s cover is one of many groove-alicious gems on this tribute record. Do yourself a favour an check it out.

Polvo // Thermal Treasure (Chosen by Justin McDaid)

Following a seasonal discussion about this band’s Primavera performance a few years ago I delved back into ‘Today’s Active Lifestyle’s’, their second album now unbelievably 20 years old. Here’s the opener

Fidlar // Gimme Something (Chosen by Rory Carron)

Screaming Females // Doom 84 (Chosen by Frank Hughes)

It has got me through filling out lots of spreadsheets the past week. Marissa Paternoster’s vocals are an acquired taste but her range is undeniable and are showcased on this 7 and half minute epic track.

Jamie T // Back in the Game (Chosen by Clare O’Hanlon)

My iTunes song count has seen a massive resurgence in Jamie T the past few weeks. Panic Prevention as an album, is in my opinion massively overlooked, and should of clinched the Mercury prize back in 2007. It’s only now a few years on I can understand the masterclass of Jamie T. Back in the Game, along with Calm Down Dearest and Sheila illustrate all his artistry perfectly.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis // Wings (Chosen by Gavin O Leary)

I’ve had he album on repeat the last few weeks. Really surprised by it. Great lyrics.

Silent Noise Parade // Electric Priestess (Chosen by a Joe Geaney on Facebook)

Tegan and Sara // Closer (Chosen by Debbie Hickey)

Adoring this single from the new Tegan and Sara album. Their sound is progressing all the time, and be it with just an accoustic guitar or dancy synth pop they sound fantastic either way! Video is brilliant too!