This week’s The Plec Picks is a stomper and has some great treats for your ear holes.

The Plec Picks is a collaboration from both the writers & photographers here on GoldenPlec (and sometimes we include our readers’ choices!). Everyone chooses their most listened to song from the past week and we make a playlist out of it for all to hear.

Click play once (it’s a playlist) and it’ll cycle through all the videos / songs (so you can just leave the tab open and keep listening). We’ve now added a Deezer option for those who have that but there are some missing songs that Deezer doesn’t have. The Youtube version would be the most complete version.

It’s a great way to discover new music & if you come across something you like, click the social media icons beside the artist and throw them a like/follow and explore what more the artist has to offer.

As always, we hope you enjoy this week’s offerings and be sure to let us know what you’re listening to and you might make it into next week’s edition!

What’s in there?

Macklemore // Thrift Shop (Chosen by Aidan Cuffe)

So catchy, so infectious. Just like much of Macklemores stuff, he’s got a proper ear worm and it’s no surprise it shifted over 1 million units and managed to snare the first unsigned artist US number 1 slot since the early 90s.

Murs & Fashawn // ‘This Generation’ (Chosen by David Dooley)

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Best thing about Hype Machine is stumbling upon absolute gems like this.

Portugal. The Man // The Sun (Chosen by Mark Earley)

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Sure they sound like a few other bands, but it’s a catchy little tune and makes me think of sunny trips on the horizon.

Jamie T // Pacemaker (Chosen by Sean Conroy)

Jamie T is the Northern English Shane MacGowan; at times aggressive and hilarious, other times interesting, witty and poetic. Oh and they both have the dental records of someone who chews brillo pads for a living. They make stellar tunes too, mind you, and this is Mr. T’s best bit from his 2007 debut.

Iceage // Ecstasy (Chosen by Jonathan Klein)

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These guys are so exciting, their music is so intense and powerful, but there is an intimacy to their sound that is really draws you in. This is from the new album coming out in a few weeks, and i am super hyped for it

Raglans // Same Old Town (Chosen by Clare O’Hanlon)

I’m adamant these boys will make it big and get the recognition that is much deserved. Long Live is a fantastic EP and precursor to what will be more fantastic tunes from Raglans. There energy on stage and audiences are insane! I also fancy every member.

Icona Pop // I Love It (Chosen by Aisling O’Brien)

I heard this on the latest episode or Girls. It’s ridiculously catchy electro pop at it’s best.

Dog is Dead // Do the Right Thing (Chosen by Sean Smyth)

I’ve had these guys liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter for a good few months now and I have no idea why. I’ve never listened to them but I had been following them. T’was odd. Anywho, finally listened to them on Deezer and instantly liked them. Bombay Bicycle Club did a remix of one of their tunes too so that must mean they’re pretty daycent, right?

Mount Moriah // Plane (Chosen by Justin McDaid)

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Bit of a change in tone from front woman Heather McEntirer since her screamin’ punk band Bellafea. Folk all that angry stuff, chill out on a rope bridge instead. Their second album ‘Miracle Temple’ is out next month

The Smiths // Unhappy Birthday (Chosen by Stephen Byrne)

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Comedic gold from Morrissey’s mouth wrapped around a stellar grove courtesy of Marr, Yoyce and Rourke. In other words it’s pure pop perfection.

Low Sea // Remote Viewing (Chosen by Frank Hughes)

This song has me eagerly looking forward to the release of their new album.

Active Child // Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix) . (Chosen by Alice Goodwin)

I happened to stumble across this whilst doing the youtube rounds, and it has grown on me in a big way. Melodic, but rhythmic and chilled.

Hall and Oates // You Make My Dreams Come True (Chosen by Ros Madigan)

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This classic came on during the week; immediately making everything better.

Allen Stone // Unaware (Chosen by Claire Beck)

When I first saw Allen Stone’s hat and glasses, I was expecting a comedy act. I nearly fell off my seat when he started singing. Hope you enjoy and, you’re welcome :)

Lisa O’Neill // Dreaming (Chosen by Stephen Murphy)

So slow-building and emotional, Lisa sounds like a real folk singer, no nonsense, straight to the point, simple and great. This is from an upcoming album, one I am waiting impatiently for.

Snow Patrol // Fifteen Minutes Old (Chosen by Niall Swan)

Everytime I hear this song I tell myself it’s the first song I’ll learn to play on guitar once I know how. It’s incredibly simple with lyrics that don’t quite make sense, but it works.

The beatles // In my life. (Chosen by Claire Kane)

This is such a special song and I think a lot of people find different meaning and emotions in it. I’ma massive Beatles fan and for one reason or another I find myself putting this on repeat a lot lately.

Radar Eyes // I Am (Chosen by Kevin Donnellan)

With My Bloody Valentine back touring this year, this Chicago fourpiece look like an ideal support act.

SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon // Wildfire (Chosen by Mark Earley)

The bassline. All about the bassline.