Fancy hearing some new tunes and broadening your musical horizons? We’ll help you with that so!

Incase you’ve never experienced The Plec Picks (listen to older playlists here) or are a little confused about what The Plec Picks are, the GP team jot down what their most listened to songs of the week are and we make a lovely playlist of all the songs for everyone to enjoy. It’s interesting to hear what everyone is listening to and it’s a chance to treat your ear holes to something a bit out of the ordinary. And you never know, you may even discover your new favourite band!

As there’s a lot of different tastes in the mix here, every song might not be to everyone’s liking so feel free to skip to the next song if there’s something that doesn’t quite float your boat.

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What’s in there?

Bear Mountain // Congo (Chosen by @david__dooley )

Absolute summer tune, best listened to 2 weeks ago when we had our brief Irish summer.

the Academic // Bear claws (Chosen by @PaulDowdPhoto )

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Such a catchy tune .

Red Fang // Wires (Chosen by Yan )

“I often tune out of music videos, and just listen to the music play in another tab, but as soon as I saw them buy all the milk the first time I watched this, I thought “”this is going to be good””.
And I was not disappointed.
It helps that this is also awesomely sludgy metal. They’ll be playing Whelan’s this week, I can’t wait!”

Young Aviators // Forward Thinking (Chosen by Stephen Byrne )

It’s jampacked with uptempo goodness of the britpop throwback variety; with a chorus that burrows its way into your brain and says thank you.

Kodaline // The Answer (Chosen by Claire Kane )

The best song that isn’t featured on the band’s début album, ‘In A Perfect World’

KT Tunstall // Uummannaq Song (Chosen by Sean Smyth )

“There’s a chance I’m getting to catch KT when she plays in The Pepper Canister Church later this week. So in preparation for it I listened to her whole back catalogue. Then I listened to it again. And again. And again…

I’d completely forgotten how much I love this lady! ”

Mykki Blanco // Wavvy (Chosen by John Mann )

Mykki Blanco has brought something fresh to the staid world of R’n’B. Wavvy is equal parts vicious gritty rap and bouncy dancefloor goodness.

Austra // Loose It (Chosen by Derek Byrne )

I just can’t stop listening to these guys since Forbidden Fruit I’m really excited about seeing tham again at Longitude this summer. It’s just great happy/sad electro.

Mount Kimbie // Home Recording (Chosen by @brianchrislynch )

Love how it starts and the train track sounding drums/samples. Love the vocals. Perfect for listening to in the sun. Just drags you in. Can’t wait to see them at The xx next Wednesday in The O2.

Colour Me Wednesday // Shut (Chosen by Karen Hill )

“This is the new single from Colour Me Wednesday’s full length album, I Thought It Was Morning; I just found it on my friend’s music blog and I’m in love already. Fuzzy melodic Riot Grrl-influenced pop punk, it’s lovely!

Slow Skies // Across the sea (Chosen by Clare O’Hanlon )

First saw Slow Skies as part of The Camden Crawl and was delighted to see they were playing The Ruby Sessions in Doyles last week.Picked up both EP’s and this song has been on repeat.

Stu Daly // The Landing Light (Chosen by David )

I haven’t been able to get the chorus of this song out of my head since Stu’s EP launch last week. Check it out!

This Other Kingdom // Sunlight (Chosen by Frank Hughes )

One of my favourites songs by any irish band this year. I just haven’t tired of it.

The superman lovers // Starlight (Chosen by @lonelybraincell )

It reminds me of when I was younger and I came home every day and watched the video, great tune

guards // nightmare (Chosen by jennibombenni )

I’ve had guards album ‘In guards we trust’ on overplay the last few days, from the first listen it was this song that grabbed me and I’ve been hooked ever since…its a cracking album & I’m pretty confident you guys in Goldenplec will agree

The Fallen Drakes // Girl from New York (Chosen by @steph_louise21 )

It’s a great acoustic version of their single Girl from New York. It has a great beat and I love the use of the mandolin. The Fallen Drakes are an extremely talented group of lads and we will be hearing a lot more of them soon.

Escort // Caméleon Chameleon (Chosen by @Alan_O_Rourke )

How could you not like it!! They need to be escorted to Ireland immediately!!

Walking On Cars // Two Stones (Chosen by K_O_Shea )

Why wouldn’t you like it?

It’s a great song. Patrick Sheehy’s vowels can go from quiet and timid almost to powerful so easily.

Also, it’s really nice to see an Irish band that is proud of where they are from with both their videos to date being filmed in their own town. Great to see the Irish landscape as a background.