Happy Halloween music lovers! We’ve got a special trick or  treat for you this week with a selection of songs that remind us of the weird, creepy, haunting, eerie and all things Halloween! If this doesn’t get you in the mood for the day that’s in it then you must be a decomposing undead… that’s the only explanation.

If this is your first time frequenting the Plec Picks section of this site then you may be a little confused as to what exactly it is. Each week every member of team GoldenPlec put forward their most played song and we make a play list out of it for you to enjoy.

That’s the norm but this week’s a little different… Ghouls rule today!

So, kick back and let these songs keep you up all night! OOOOooooooOOOOooooohhhh!

What’s in there?

The Smashing Pumpkins // Tonight, Tonight (Chosen by Debbie Hickey)

Although it’s not exactly a Halloween song, smashing pumpkins always tend to remind me of Halloween!(maybe it’s the name!) I think the costumes and dream like feel to this video adds to the creepy vibe ;) Enjoy!

Kodakid // Portis (Chosen by Alex Soikans)

Reader selection.

Bruce Springsteen // A Night With The Jersey Devil (Chosen by Deirdre Harrison)

Ah Bruce, he can do it all… Songs about love, hardships of man, war…and a devil beast who haunts Pine Barrens in New Jersey. No one can say the man is not versatile! A song written and recorded by The Boss especially as a free Halloween treat for fans and its still fantastic.

Fields of The Nephlim // Psychonaut (Chosen by Emmett Mullaney)

Spooky and Creepy? I’m all over this shit yo!

Warren Zevon // Werewolves Of London (Chosen by Clairebeck)

Do I really need to explain how awesome this song is?! Warren ‘legend’ Zevon (RIP) with John McVie and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac accompanying for the lols. Happy Halloween everybody. aaahhWhOOOO!!!

Paul Banks // Another Chance (Chosen by Greg Synnott)

Paul Banks releases another solo album, this time under his own name and in this track he samples lines from his friends film, ‘Black Out’ and layers it beautifully creating a very intense and almost personal insight into the world of Paul Banks.

Tom Waits // What’s he Building? (Chosen by Yan Bourke)

I had a whole massive playlist made up for my college radio show, so it was really hard choosing just one. Luckily two of my favourites had already been added, so I went with one of the creepiest, most atmospheric ones. Basically, Tom Waits telling a ghost story over a noise track. What’s not to love?

Annie Lennox // Love Song For A Vampire (Chosen by Martina Rice)

Reader selection.

The Horrors // Jack The Ripper (Chosen by Jonathan Klein)

This song, which has also been performed by The Gruesomes and The White Stripes, is basically evil in song format. Distorted guitars roar over a sinister bassline and the repeated shouts of ‘Jack The Ripper’ makes you look over your shoulder every few seconds, just to make sure he isn’t there….

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue // Where The Wild Roses Grow (Chosen by Deirdre Harrison)

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Such a bizarre pairing of the bubble pop princess and the dark rocker makes you wonder if there was some witchcraft involved to bring them together. The result however is one of the most beautiful songs on the 90s, erm once you ignore the fact it is about obsession and murder…. Bonus Halloween points for the fact Nick Cave looks like Dracula.

The Band // Long Black Veil (Chosen by Justin McDaid)

A man is sentenced to death for a murder he didn’t commit. His alibi is that he was bending it in to his best friend’s missus so he says nothing. ‘Tis a lament from beyond the grave

The Avalanches // Frontier Psychiatrist (Chosen by Niall Swan)

I don’t think anyone on earth could tell you why they like this song, it just clicks.

Panic! At the disco // This is Halloween (Chosen by @RattlingBones)

First thing that comes to mind is Panic! at the Disco’s cover of This Is Hallowe’en.

Creepy as fook!

The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus) // I Put A Spell On You (Chosen by Liam Doyle)

This film is the only thing I actually like about Halloween and I’m pretty sure that this song greatly influenced my love of music when I was a child.

Queens of the Stone Age // Burn The Witch (Chosen by Greg Synnott & Sean Noone)

With a new album out next year and a few live dates announced (nothing for Ireland yet… unless there’s been a rather surprising Slane announcement), now is the time to be listening to QOTSA again. This song is fantastic and is perfectly spooky, and about a witch, to fit into this list.

Dusty SpringField // Spooky (Chosen by Emma Lou)

Ghost // Stand by Him (Chosen by Bernard O’Rourke)

Hailing from Sweden, Ghost bring a surprising amount of glam to Satan worshiping metal. With clean vocals and infectious riffs, the worship of the Dark Lord has never been this much fun. Perfect Halloween listening.

Mortilis // Marshland (Chosen by Emmett Mullaney)

Reader selection.