KnockanStockan 2014 by Abe Tarrush (60)

Saturday at KnockanStockan started off drizzly and when you spend most of your day exposed to the elements you do notice every drop of rain. Despite the elements Laura Ann Brady sat with us in the sand by Blessington Lake and performed her song Masterpiece on her auto-harp.

This video was very much a case of the camera managing to capture something that didn’t feel obvious in the live environment. As we stood by the lake we were all wet and uncomfortable, but having gotten back to reality and getting a chance to view the footage we shot, it’s clear that Laura was on the whole time. Her intense performance of this beautiful song makes the rain a mere background occurrence. The music is completely to the fore.

Laura Ann Brady at KnockanStockan – Photo Gallery

Photos: Abe Tarrush