Hawk are no more, they’ve been replaced by Havvk a simple but necessary rebranding for the Berlin based outfit fronted by Julie Hawk.

The first release under the group’s new moniker is Glass a song which just like their name has had a rejuvenation having originally been released in the lead up  to the Marriage Equality Referendum in 2015.

“It’s the daydream version of a fight where exactly the right words come to you to shatter the ones coming at you. For us, the meaning of the song became connected with the collected voice that was rising in Ireland, especially among young people, in standing up for equality. We’re re-releasing the track as it’s always been really special to us, and with the Repeal vote getting pushed through this year, it feels like more and more people are seeing the impact of voicing their support for human rights.”

It’s fitting that the track’s re-release coincides with the Pope’s visit to Ireland as the people ready themselves to take to the streets once again and march for justice.

“The Glass video was directed by James Byrne who’s been shooting our videos since the start. The entire visual pulled from the Pride rainbow. It was a really simple concept. We wanted to take ourselves out of the picture, and focus on the thing that inspired the release – the Marriage Equality campaigners. We wanted something continuous and immersive to go with the hypnotism of the track. The actual take you see took about five seconds to film, but drawn out, you see the complexity of each colour coming together, the muddiness and the clarity.”