FoxE & The Good Hands – For The Love (feat Barry Jazz Finnegan BREAKING BAD portrait) on MUZU.TV.

One of this years impressive acts on the road for Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast, Fox E and the Good Hands impressed us in Mick The Barbers shop with powerful vocals and a catchy track.

Well they are back at it again with For The Love. Another vocally drive catchy track. It’s already smashed up to 17,000 page views on Muzu so go right ahead and help then push that over 20,000 by checking it out above.

The video for their track ‘For the Love’ was filmed on the night of the bands debut album launch in The Grand Social Dublin. As well as live footage from the night, it features renowned artist Barry Jazz Finnegan drawing a huge portrait of award winning character Walter White, played by Brian Cranston in the award winning tv show Breaking Bad.

Why Breaking Bad? The concept for this video comes from the notion that to ‘break bad’ is to challenge conventions, to question the accepted, to go outside the norm. And to persevere in the music business is a constant challenge, your are pushed to the limit, and all you can do is keep going, keep trying, remembering constantly why you do it – you do it For the Love.