cheesysmiledanmmySweet Lies is the first single from Danny G & the Major 7ths – a swirling mix of neo-soul and r’n’b with playful grooves and cheerful harmonies.

Danny G & the Major 7ths – the musical alias of Daniel Groenland, a singer, flautist, guitarist and composer – represents a rich, neo-soul vibe influenced by J Dilla, D’Angelo with soulful hints of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. With a focus on harmonies and grooves, the band features four vocalists and a line-up ranging from 7 to 10 musicians.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the single on October 5. The single will be available on 7-inch vinyl and all digital audio formats from the 5th October. It will also be available in the Record Spot, Free Bird Records, All City, Tower Records and Musicmaker.

We talked to Danny G and he had this to say about the video: “The song is from the perspective of a guy who’s been lied to by his lover and can’t understand why. Not in a whiny-feeling-sorry for yourself way, but more like he’s disappointed that it’s come to this, “Why’d you have to lie to me?”. If you’ve ever been in or out of love, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We always think that we’re the victim, but it’s rarely as simple as that. We wanted to have fun with the idea so we created a mini-drama involving a lot of my close friends and family, played out in different locations that we like in Dublin.”

Danny G & the Major 7ths will release their debut album Love Joints on the 18th October in the Grand Social.

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