Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast 2013So it’s done, we did it. We traversed the country, meeting local talent for some cha and choons. We could not be more tired but we’re slowly catching up, we’ve got the videos edited and online and we hope you like them.

Martin Piehlmeier

We had Martin at our finale show in Malahide Yacht Club and he was playing as the road team finally crawled back to Dublin. Our jaws dropped watching his technical proficiency and how catchy his compositions are. We were delighted when he agreed to open the show and in the baltic cold conditions of Sandymount coast, he managed to wow us once again. How the hands moved that fast in that cold and wind is beyond us, but it was a perfect start to our trip.

Fox E and the Good Hands

The soulful, sexy number was brought to us straight from the famous Mick The Barbers in Kilcock, which we’re told has the largest barbers pole in Ireland, if not Europe. His gorgeous little shop was filled with character of the late legend of Kilcock and Fox E served up a song worthy of the man himself. New York, Paris…. Kilcock.

Neon Tetras
Kinnegad was the setting, Neon Tetras the band. We were given permission by the Hilamar hotel to film our little video in front of a closed bar, symbolising Good Friday. Perfect for the day that was in it. The lads came in just before they had to rush of for a radio interview so we were all hands to the pump.

The Radioactive Grandma

Holed up in Athlone arts centre, which a questioned resident said she had lived there all her life and had never heard of it. We found the guys upstairs in a tight small room. It left us with little room to manouvre, but we didn’t really need to. The Grandma’s tore through their song, giving it socks for the camera. A superb little stop.

Sandra Coffey

So what’s the best thing to do of a Friday afternoon? Rocking up to an old church ruin, at the Athenry Heritage Centre, to film Sandra Coffey – Singer.
What a beautiful setting for an even more special performance! Watch out for the harmonica – oh it’ll get ya!

Mikey and the Scallywags

On our arrival into Galway city, we ventured to the empty Tigh Neachtain Pub on Cross Street to meet Mikey & the Scallywags. Being Good Friday and all, the bar was closed but our team was allowed entry and we found Mikey et al in the corner of a cramped room. All out joyous madness ensued as we bopped away to their infectious vibes and melodies. If you keep a keen eye you’ll see the most creative drum setup we’ve seen in a while.

The Rusty Fixtures

It’s the second year of our charity event; Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast and with that sees us gladly see the return of one of our favourites from last year: The Rusty Fixtures.

Cos’ we’re such nice people, we brought the band out in almost freezing conditions to perform Fingertip Talking. The guys were such good craic and once again proved to be an awesome live act. Watch out for the professional video coming soon for stunning HD quality footage of the same performance. Easily the most entertaining act for quirky and interesting performances we’ve ever met.

Strange Boats

One of our four Galway acts on the first night of our journey was Strange Boats. We coaxed them from the warmth of their car and asked them to freeze their you know whats off. They treated us to this raucous version of Shotgun Wedding – check it out. An absolute pleasure they were too.

Maija Sofia

We brought Maija Sofia in from the cold for her to treat us to her song Elizabeth. We got some beautiful lighting in our apartment to compliment Maija unique and stunning voice. This song really turned out to be one of those special performances from a upcoming singer songwriter.

David Hope

Bunratty Castle was our first stop very early on Saturday morning where we met the lovely David Hope. This location really was one of the highlights of the trip as we set up camp beneath the towering history and shadows of Bunratty Castle. If that wasn’t enough, David thrilled us with one of his own songs and perfectly kicked started the second day of our charity event. Lovely silhouettes and keep an eye for the Irish flag!

Milk Baby

We arrived in Castleconnell, fed the ducks and swans first and then treated ourselves to the sounds of Milk Baby. Apart from stealing their car keys (and driving several miles to our next stop), everything went smoothly and echoed the serine setting on the banks of the river Shannon.

Checker Plate

On the eve of our charity journey, we were left with one hole in our trip across the country; Moneygall. Luckily enough The Rick O’Shea Show On RTE 2FM stepped in and offered to help and soon (only 18 hours before our arrival) we had secured our band; Checker Plate. The famous Ollie Hayes Bar (yes yes, the Obama bar) was the destination. A special thanks to Ollie who made a generous charity donation.

Dave Bowe

Eveything about this stop just scream GOLD! The event was Goldenplec’s Coast to Coast charity event, the location was Golden Egg Studios and the golden performance on the day came from David Bowe. We even got expert sound engineering help and sure why wouldn’t we when we were in a recording studio? The sound and performance was truly sensational and Golden Egg Studios treated us all (instead of the other way round) to cups of tea.

Morgan La Faye

Well this particular stop in Kildare proved to be one of the trickiest, funniest, frustrating and most rewarding stops of the whole event. Through failed locations, strong sunlight, noisy roads and a particular bratty local child; we still managed to capture this exceptional performance. The whole crew were thoroughly happy with this one and are thrilled to share the stunning music of Morgan La Faye.

Conor Linnie

Blessington Lake with Conor Linnie and Brona Keogh was to be our last shoot of our 2-day whirlwind event. We gazed upon the snow-capped Wicklow mountains in what was a truly breathtaking final location. Everything seemed to click into place as we shot this video in one take (as like all our videos throughout the event).

If you enjoyed there videos which were shot entirely on Nokia Lumia 920’s, you can support Down Syndrome Ireland and put yourself in with a chance of winning a phone worth around €700 (unlocked). Every €5 donation puts you in the draw for a phone, so a €20 donation is four entries. Please do support our efforts of recording, videoing, editing and publishing 40 music videos in one weekend for charity. Share the music, share the love.


Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast – The Road Videos