A perfect marriage on and off tape, husband and wife duo Driven Snow are comprised of Kieran from Delorentos and Emily, vocalist with Republic of Loose and Stars On Fire, have shared the video for their sparkling second single ‘Sunlight’ out now via Cork’s FIFA Records. 

The pair have been sounding-boards for each-others creative output for years, so, it was only natural that they would eventually form this family band. The pair decamped (with children, grandparents and all) to Donegal, taking their musical sketches up to Tommy McLaughlin’s Attica Studios (Villagers, S.O.A.K., Pillow Queens) fleshing out their ideas into fully formed songs.

Their second single “Sunlight” is the first song the duo ever performed in public together is a cautionary tale of how easy it is to lose one’s way in life but if you hang on to hope, it’s never too late to rediscover the right path. Check out the video for ‘Sunlight’ below.