When Dashoda‘s debut single In Between landed in our inbox back in mid-June, we knew something exciting was happening. So, to be able to exclusively bring our audience the premiere of the lyric video for his latest single 38 Long was an opportunity we were never going to turn down.

38 Long, inspired by the label on the inside of an old blazer jacket in Dashoda’s wardrobe, is the well-known story of someone who displays a brave, confident exterior but feels anything but underneath it all.

Explaining the background of the song, which is a catchy indie-pop bop, Dashoda says: I had this new group of friends and I was living in Dublin again. So, there was this feeling of newness and a big energy and definitely a lot confusion about what the hell I was doing with my life and, naturally, a lot of procrastination. I was in a space in my life where I had great anticipation and so the song came out of that feeling. 

“I wanted to capture the tension of my life at that moment in the song. There is a devil may care throw-away attitude, confidence and also fear. Accompanying this is a frantic energy, perhaps a kind of bravado.”

38 Long is released 18th September, with the song’s official video due to be released on 26th September.