Vantastival, a festival that is held in Dunany Estate, Annagassan, County Louth over the course of the May Bank Holiday. This year is April 30th – May 2nd, The Event aimed primarily at Camper-van, Motor-home and Skooter enthusiasts provides a fun weekend of live music from top Irish acts and other entertainment including trade shows, competitions, workshops (which will focus on camper-van and scooter upkeep)

There is 2 campsites one for vehicles and one for scooter owners and other attendee’s to pitch tents.

This year Kila, Jack L, Mick Flannery, Mark Geary and FRED are the flagship names playing the 2010 festival. Below is the list of current lineup.

Kila / Jack L / Mick Flannery / Mark Geary / FRED
Dublin City Ramblers / Jinx Lennon / FIACH / The Hot Sprockets /
Sanzkrit / Cuckoo Savante / Lisa O’Neill / Frantic Jack / Noelie McDonnell
Scarecrow Disco / Sounds of System Breakdown / Prairie Dawgs / Valerie June / Sara Lou
Yngve and the Innocent / Nassau / Speedking / little xs for eyes / The Candidates
Meg Hutchinson / Pressure Drop / Wee Small Gods / Resin / Earthquake Hair / Weedway
Ned and the Horse Boxes / Poppy Lloyd / John Vaughan / Nemo / Sticky Digit / Reko

Tickets are €65 for first 500 tickets and €85 for the rest.