I thought it might be worth updating that in a world of superstars only going by luxury transport it was nice to see that this years trinity ball was a relative success with regards the booked acts with headliner Dizzee Rascal taking the ferry over to entertain the 7,500 strong dapper dressed mischievous students at the trinity balls Friday just gone

From what we can make out there was 2 bands names i have heard that didnt make it over to the ball last night. Digitalism and Uffie (im now hearing Jesse Rose didnt appear)

Other than that we hear that Dizzee Rascal stole the show, Mystery Jets absolutely rocked it and Japanese Popstars were amazing and also covered one or two other venues the same night to make up for the last of Digitalism.

There has been the usual set of stories of hospital inducing nights, absolutely guaranteed to hear such events after the trinity ball each year, we’ve so far heard stories of drink causing the usual sickness related problems, drink causing the usual “i cant remember what happened after midnight, but i woke up with a girls bracelet” type stories, a quick search of twitter details stories of stitches and tetanus shots, drug fueled embarassment. Sounds like another messy night.

If you were there let us know if anyone else didnt show up. From the information i can garner 3 bands is a relative success given the airport situation.