Female representation in hip hop, learning her trade at open mics in Istanbul and her new found confidence.

The Mabcast is back and features a guest for the first time in a number of weeks. DJ, rapper and all round creative Dena Anuk$a dropped by Casa Del Mabfield for an in depth chat on her journey thus far.

As the first female guest on the show, it’s only natural that the conversation gravitated to the lack of female representation in the hip hop industry in Ireland. Right from the get go, things are tough as a female in the music industry; The lack of representation is evident, the scarce number of female hip hop artists to look up to is disheartening and the lack of opportunities is a real challenge. Couple these issues with the difficulties faced as a minority and it’d be more than fair to say that the odds are stacked against Dena.

Despite these challenges she is releasing quality music, Djing at major festivals like Longitude and encouraging and inspiring other females to put their art into the world. Much of this work in channeled through Gxrlcode – a female collective making waves across the country. Dena talks of her aspirations for the Belfast branch that she heads and upcoming shows they have planned.

Much of the confidence needed to carry through her vision stems from intimidating open mic nights in Istanbul – where she lived for a short time and the support of her friends.

Comparisons are made between the scene in Dublin and Belfast and despite the north’s capital being in its infancy it’s clear there is an opportunity for it to be moulded into something special.

For all this and more lock in to the latest episode below: