The Walls - Album launch - Tower RecordsIt’s normally the case for a band to head to Tower Records to launch something and invite your fans to join you in the store while the band plays. In a twist from the normal course of events, The Walls turned up on Thursday 15th March to launch Stop The Lights at Tower Records but did it outside!

A huge crowd assembled and the band belted out much of the new album to the waiting fans and the people passing by. The album is a cracker as judged by our Stephen Byrne who reviewed the album [here]. We sent our man Abraham Tarrush down to snap the proceedings and to Steve and Joe aswell. We hope to have an interview up here shortly but for now here is some snaps of what went down.

The band will play three dates in coming weeks when they play Thursday 29th March in Whelans, then Friday 30th March in Dolans, Limerick and finally March 31st in Monroes of Galway. The stream of the album is embedded just below the snaps for your enjoyment.

The Walls outside Tower Records Photo Gallery

Photos: Abraham Tarrush

The Walls – Albums Stream

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