After her sublime debut EP which was packed with thought-provoking pop gems, Molly Burman returns with her latest single Pretty Girl, a more stripped-back, acoustic affair which focuses on the battles with with what constitutes being ‘pretty’. As you come to expect from her, the track is a bounty of cleverly wrought lyrics which sees Burman address a deeply relatable experience that is sure to connect.

Reflecting on the track Molly explains that her definition of ‘pretty’ has developed over time: “I wrote ‘pretty girl’ a few years ago desperately trying to become what I thought was ‘perfect’. I wanted to be the girls that I heard being spoken about in songs and books, so I would dress myself in things that made me feel uncomfortable. I started to realise that I could only truly be pretty when I felt it; when I was doing things that I loved, wearing colourful clothes and not trying to be someone else. This song is about being completely yourself and feeling absolutely beautiful while doing it.”

It’s another impressive offering by a talent that continues to deliver on her stellar promise.