Robert Cotter goes off piste on The Irish Jam. Despite the Tier4 restrictions hitting London, and the closure of our studio at Riverside Radio, Robert brings you a free flowing radio show, recorded in his south London flat.

The Irish Jam continues to give you a taste of all that is bright and good in the Irish music scene. With some new release, modern classics, a few curve balls and of course some Christmas tunes

So many tunes from such luminaries as:
Biig Piig, Fontaines D.C., Hallie, Shiv, Nealo, Skinner, Nxbody, Fears, A92, Paddy Hanna, Eunice janine, James Vincent McMorrow, Party Fears, SOAK, Saint Sister, Kate Bush, The Divine Comedy, The Clockworks, U2, CMAT, Junior Brother, Matt Regan, Robbie Stickland, Dave Clancy Music, Eoin Dolan, The Shaker Hymn, The Saw Doctors, Boy George & Culture Club, Efe, Orla Gartland, Kíla, Nicolas Kluzek and Kodaline