Join Niall Jackson for a 2 hour celebration of Black Irish Music, including not one but TWO #NewMusicSunday contributors with MuRli (Rusangano Family) and musician/ATL presenter Gemma Bradley, who both choose their 3 favourite new black Irish artists featuring Fehdah, Shiv, Outsider YP, Tolu Makay, Jordan Adetunki, Dena Anuk$a.

An emotionally charged show discussing white people’s place in the discussion, with a supportive message from Tebi Rex, on how we go forward, and all the best Irish artists who can teach us going forward. Including songs from Denise Chaila, Erica Cody, Loah, Rusangano Family, MuRli, Chris Kabs, JYellowL, Nxbody, Why Axis, BARQ, God Knows, Inhaler, Thin Lizzy, Chris Kabs, Joy Crookes and Jafaris

PLUS a very special Lockdown Lounge from Beyond the Wash, who takes on Damien Rice’s classic ‘I Don’t Want to Change you’