Join Niall Jackson for 2 hours of incredible music from Ireland as he tackles a ghost in The Riverside Radio studio desk where nobody can hear him scream.

Kate Crudgington brings us news of #NewMusicSunday via telegram message in lieu of actually being on the line as the Riverside ghosts take hold, she picks Kynsy, April and New Pagans. Fear not as Bob Bound takes over our #LockdownLounge uninterrupted with a lovely loungey version of Pillow Queens ‘Ragin’.

We also have the new ones from the aformentioned Qweens, delush, One Morning in August, Arkipelagoes, Meljoann, Banrion, Fears, Kobina, Lankum, One Morning in August, Just Mustard, Gerr Walsh, Joe Chester, Emperor of Ice-Cream and much much more.