The Bernard Shaw is set to close next month according to a statement published by proprietors Bodytonic today.

The closure of The Bernard Shaw is another nail in the cultural coffin of Dublin City following the closure of venues such as the Tivoli Theatre in recent times.

The prospect of The Bernard Shaw closing first arose back in May when the venue was refused retention of planning permission, with the premises deemed to be “inconsistent with the emerging pattern of development in the vicinity,” –  following successful applications tot to build residential units, shops, offices, a restaurant, multiplex cinema, crèche and community sports centre to the rear of the building which has been in situ since 1895.

If the powers that be continue to prioritise hotels and major corporations over the artistic and cultural needs of its residents then pretty soon there will be nothing to do, and nowhere to go for the tourists they are so eager to attract. This is a sad day for Dublin.

Bernard Shaw statement

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce the end of our Bernard Shaw adventure. At the end of October 2019 we will close the Shaw, Eatyard, all organisational, art and performance spaces and everything else in the building and yards – for good. We’ve tried really hard over the last few months to renew the lease, stay on longer, or buy the place. A lot of things didn’t go our way over the last 12 months either, but it’s out of our hands now unfortunately.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was part of this 13 year adventure. Our landlord, our neighbours & the council were by and large all brilliant and very helpful & supportive. The artists, makers, designers, bands, DJs, promoters, hustlers and lunatics who did their thing at the Shaw – we couldn’t have done it without you. We have had amazing, loyal customers, many who came, and left, and came back again over those 13 years as life got in the way while we were busy making plans and being busy fools.

Above all we want to thank our crew. Past and present we have had incredible people work with us. Everything we do is about people…. their ideas, trying things out, making a mess of it, trying again, getting it right, having fun, making memories, and when the party’s over, lets plan another party. But parties weren’t meant to last…

Dublin is changing, we can all see and feel it but we are going nowhere & we won’t go down without a fight. We’ll start something else, somewhere else [ plans are afoot ] , and keep fighting the good fight. There are so many young creative, clever, smart people in Dublin & Ireland at the moment – there’s lots to be optimistic about – but they need the spaces to meet each other, make plans, and make them happen!

We’ll have more info, lineups, events, wakes, next steps out over the next few days & weeks…. until the end of October we’re open as normal, we’re ready for y’all and we’re gonna party like its….2019!

Shaw & Shoddytonic Crew.