‘The North’s Alpha’ pays homage to the O.Gs but says the new school are here to take over.

Welcome to episode 10 of the Mabcast where Dylan is joined by Derry’s Hyfin. Hyfin is at the core of the new wave of young Irish rappers blending their overseas inspirations with their own indigenous twist to bring genuinely spellbinding sounds.

The Mc is building a reputation for himself as one of the most talented spitters north of the Border and he came through to chat about his recent ascension.

Hot off the back of his latest single ‘IG’, Hyfin discussed his strategic approach to music and the importance of timing. Elaborating on a phrase frequently used by many of his peers, he details how having patience can lead to a prosperous career.

A recurrent theme was the widely held belief that hip hop is taken seriously in Ireland. With the likes of Rejjie Snow and Kojaque flying the flag internationally. Hyfin reaffirmed his belief that the growth of the scene is making profitable careers possible.

One thing that is unquestionably apparent in the interview is his unwavering belief in his ability. This balanced with his self awareness made for a engaging conversation.

This episode is filled to the brim with story telling; the Derry spitter even recounts rapping for Token’s producer and meeting the man himself.

Hyfin is one for the future and the confident, young mc maps out his path in this scintillating episode.

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