It’s that time of year again. Every other publication has been hard at work pushing out their lists throughout December but we are never one’s to rush things. So we thought a nice time to put these out might be Christmas day for you to enjoy while your waiting for dinner to appear or maybe are in that post dinner coma phase.

Either way this is a little something for you all to consider on your Christmas day. We asked the reviewers and photographers on Team Goldenplec to tell us their favourite international albums, favourite Irish albums and favourite gigs from 2011. We also asked our photographers to pick one of their amazing snaps taken in 2011 for Goldenplec as their favourite for the year. Here is the top 5 Irish albums of 2011 based on the nominations from our team (this is cumulative votes from the submitted nominations with the most amount of votes topping the list).

There was literally nothing in the voting and weighting between Cashier No 9 and Lisa Hannigan so we put both in as a joint 5th place.

#5) Lisa Hannigan – Passenger

Ros Madigan – I was nervous about her matching her first album, ‘Sea Sew’, but I need not have worried as this release outdoes it’s predecessor.

Sean Cullivan – A great album of mature, deep, reflective songsHannigan’s voice is at its usual brilliant best; with her unique style blending charm, sultriness, and a certain rugged elegance.


#5) Cashier Number 9 – To The Death of Fun

Kevin Donnellan – Deserved all the plaudits they got this year and should go on to even greater things in 2012

Claire Kane – Good, Honest rock, sometimes it is nice shed the synth and electronics and keep it simple. 



#4) Jape – Ocean of frequency

Ros Madigan – Richie Egan treats us to a collection of songs that tickles the ear drums and stimulates the imagination once more.

Stephen Byrne – A supreme offering from one of Ireland’s most prolific song writers.


#3) We Cut Corners – Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards

Conor Skinnader – Easily one of my first choices when it came to Irish albums of the year. Striking vocals that absolutely cut through the air and grab your attention, alongside a mixture of guitar thrashing and humbling melodies. ‘Go Easy’ and ‘A Pirates Life’ are the stand out tracks.

Sean Noone – Equal parts exciting and beautiful. Great voice and witty lyrics. Simple without being simplistic. Excellent.

#2) ASIWYFA – Gangs

Deidre Harrison – I cannot describe this album, it must be listened to. Go forth and listen it will enrich your life.

Aidan Cuffe – Best seen live but then you’ll only want to put it on loop on your iPod after.


#1) The Minutes – Marcata

Saranne Murray – Favorite album of the year, every song is gold.

Sean Cullivan – Loud, bombastic, simple, primitive. Rock music as it should be.

Sean Noone – Ireland’s rock and roll saviours. Heavy but hooky, they kicked the ass of every other Irish release this year.

Deirdre Harrison – One of the best Irish albums of the year, It’s a loud in your face proper rock album that you just don’t get anymore.