Kildare singer, producer, and songwriter Sam Stevenson has returned with the release of the debut single under his brand new moniker Still Searching, ‘Notifications Off’.

The song was written in the space of an hour in the spring of 2022, at a time when Stevenson’s long-distance relationship was getting particularly difficult. The bones of the track were recorded within the day, before Stevenson got to work chopping guitar and vocal lines and recycling them to create the track’s captivating melody. 

The production is quite sparse on this one but swells into something richer towards the end” he explains, “I really took time figuring out how to serve the song with my production choices instead of having it take over and become its own thing. This tune had eight versions of differing intensity so it took a lot of time to find the right balance”.

A track about the importance of solitude, it opens with a stirring piano line and driving vocals. It’s the perfect introduction to an artist who strives to document the smaller moments that come together to create creating the mosaic of modern life.

At its heart, I feel like the song’s about not wanting to step outside and go through the motions of expressing how you’re feeling to the people that love you, even though that’s probably exactly what you need” Still Searching explains of the song, “it’s essentially explaining why I want to be alone in different ways. Being self-destructive, feeling detached from another person you’re supposed to love, acting irrational, getting tunnel vision then getting very anxious but not taking care of yourself. I’m sure everybody can relate to all of those things but don’t necessarily want to talk to their mates about them, neither did I”.