Here’s Enniscorthy’s Steven O’Brien, back on the scene after a lengthy silence – save for a pretty good No Context Eamon Dunphy retweet from his Twitter account back in January – with his new single, Stop Laughing At Me.

We were big fans of O’Brien’s 2011 album ‘Decency Week’ (reviewed here), but since then releases have been few and far between. And by that we mean nothing for about five years, a couple of singles, then nothing for five more years.  We know his previous single was entitled I Like To Daydream, but this is ridiculous.

No matter.  A new album is in the final stages of printing as we type and here we all are once more; a decade older, not much wiser and O’Brien still gilding the melancholic moments with wit and melody.  Here’s a taster of what’s coming. And a lovely scrolling animation video to boot…

If you feel like downloading or even putting your hand in your pocket, Stop Laughing At Me is available here on Bandcamp to nab for free or name your price.