Sorcha Richardson has shared a video for ‘Oh Oscillator’ the latest single to be drawn from her excellent debut album ‘First Prize Bravery’.

The video directed by Ross Andrew Stewart is a simple and sedate affair featuring Richardson spinning in a playground on various childhood games mixed with images of toy windmills and projections of jellyfish and flashes of colour.

The Dublin songwriter recently released a selection of home recordings of tracks from ‘First Prize Bravery’ featuring a isolation version of ‘Oh Oscillator’.

“I recorded this EP in my bedroom in Spring during the early stages of lockdown. Like most musicians, all of my upcoming tours were cancelled and I found myself with an unexpectedly empty schedule. On the days I didn’t feel inspired to write, I passed the time by working on this EP, recording stripped back versions of some older songs that people may already know. I often find myself writing about hope and disappointment, and the feeling of life falling short of the dreams you have in your head. There was something quite cathartic about re-recording these songs a couple years after originally writing them, in a time of so much uncertainty and change. Most of them originally  started out on acoustic guitar, sometimes existing entirely as voice memos on my phone, until they became something bigger in the studio. This EP is a glimpse into how they sound when it’s just me playing them alone in my room.

To celebrate the singles release, Sorcha Richardson will be releasing limited edition ‘Oh Oscillator’ prints on sale Friday Aug 21. Check out the ‘Isolation Home Recordings’ below.