Sorcha Richardson has shared a video for Honey from her Choice Music Prize nominated album ‘First Prize Bravery’.

Honey encapsulates the sense that “Days that look like any other day and yet somehow you have this feeling that it’s one you’ll remember forever.”

“The video for Honey was shot and directed by my friend Ross Andrew Stewart,” explains Richardson. “We made it, kind of on a whim, on one of Ross’s last days in Dublin before he was going back to New York, some time before the current crisis kicked off, when you could still buy a piano on adverts for €50 and drag it through a field with your friends. That piano now lives at my rehearsal space, and is far more out of tune than when we picked it up that morning, with a couple souvenir blades of grass still stuck in the wheels.”

Honey is exactly the kind of song that feels like it has an extra blade of grass or two tucked away somewhere. And after all every old piano deserves a good home.

Listen to ‘First Prize Bravery’ below: