2020 Plec Picks act Smoothboi Ezra is back with their third single of 2020 ‘My Own Person’.

“I don’t know what a song means when I’m writing it. I don’t make a plan. I find myself basically doing a brain dump,” Smoothboi Ezra says of their songwriting process.

“I wrote this song when I was 16. I had one or two outfits I would interchange and I wore the same grubby pair of shoes every day. They were replicas of a previous grubby pair I wore when I was 14 and 15.  The song is about not being happy but not being able to do anything about it.”  

“When I finish a song I let go of it, it’s not mine any more and I forget it. A lot of the time I’ll have to teach myself the song again before a live show,” explains the 18-year-old songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Greystones with a remarkably mature attitude.

‘My Own Person’ is the first track from a collection of new songs set to be released in the coming months, ahead of what is sure to be a phenomenally exciting 2021 for Ezra. ‘My Own Person’ is accompanied by the release of a live performance video directed by Nicholas O’Donnell.

Listen to the studio version of the track below the video. Read our 2020 Plec Picks feature on Smoothboi Ezra here.

Smoothboi Ezra plays The Workman’s Dublin on May 6th 2021. Tickets €15.50 on sale here