Rubber Bandits at Oxegen 13There are a multitude of options for your New Years entertainment. Many of them gigs, some may spend their New Year at a party, others in a pub or a club.

Some however will be treated to an unpredictable night of crazy proceedings that can only be provided by the ridiculous minds of the Rubberbandits. The lads are to play The Village Venue on New Years Eve with tickets for this show costing just €16.50 inclusive of booking fee.

Tickets are available from and are on sale now. Doors are at 9pm

One response to “Rubberbandits to play The Village on New Years Eve”

  1. Seanán Kerr says:

    Tried to go to Rubberbandits in the village last night (New Year’s Eve) after buying two tickets for my brothers as a Christmas present and having them drive up from Navan for the show, but the bouncers were absolute bullies, thugs, racist and assholes to boot.

    First stopped my brother because they said he was drunk (he wasn’t, we’d been drinking for about an hour and a half in my house in Marino before heading out), so we went across the road to get a coffee (as they suggested), then said he wasn’t getting in dressed as he was (he had a costume on), so we changed his clothes, still no dice, finally he said he’d stand on one leg for longer than the head bouncer could to prove he wasn’t drunk, bouncer went along with this for a bit and then pushed him over. Bouncer then refused to let me or my other brother back in (I didn’t see or know about the push, if I had I’d have called the cops there and then), and then to top it all refused to give me anything written saying all three of us had been refused entry so I could get a refund.

    So New Years wrecked, (some of) my Christmas gifts rendered useless, €50+ quid effectively stolen from me, and my brother assaulted, and (naturally) never setting foot in the place again.