Review by Robert O’Connor
Photos by Terrible Mystery Snapper

Rain, snow, sleet or shine. Short of an earthquake, there’s little in mother nature’s arsenal to stop Goldenplec from attending The Walls first major Dublin show in five years. Although she’s trying pretty hard tonight with ‘the brute force of’ Hurricane Tomas. Never fear, The Walls have the night sussed and the annoyance of walking into the sugar club half drowned is quickly set aside as the tantalizing sounds of The Danger Is can be heard streaming through from the venue.

Niamh Danger is one of the most recognizable singers to appear on the scene for several years. Her songs, voice and onstage charm are all instantly likable and rolled together they make for a very special performance. Cathy Davey and Gemma Hayes may still be going strong, but Niamh is going to give them both a run for their money in the very near future.

Excitement starts to build after The Danger Is finish their set and it’s only heightened with an announcement from Steve Wall that former Turn man Oliver Cole is in the venue and ready to play a surprise guest spot. Unfortunately for Ollie the crowd isn’t unanimously thrilled and many continue to talk through his performance which includes Spotlight and Drug Song from his debut solo album, We Albatri as well as a special duet with Niamh Danger. Despite the chatter in-between, Ollie’s set is just another reminder of his excellent talent and always impressive live performance skills.

With guest spots finished for the night, it’s time to settle back and experience two of the Irish music scenes most prolific songwriters, Steve and Joe Wall. Recently the band have begun preparations for their next album, Stop The Lights by releasing tasters, making a video for the records first single, Bird In A Cage and playing warm up shows around the country alls ummer. Tonight may be the first major show the brothers have played in Dublin for several years but the capital hasn’t forgotten them. Arriving on stage to a deafening applause from the packed crowd, Steve and Joe are visibly delighted at the turn out kick off with new tune All A Blur.

The majority of their set is plucked from Stop The Lights with New Dawn Breaking and Hi-Lo only getting an occasional nod. This is mostly down to the fact that The Wall’s have designed a new live show filled with audio visual effects, that’s main aim is bring their music further than ever before. The lack of old favorites doesn’t bother the crowd though as new songs Phantom Power, Bird In A Cage, Goes Without Saying and Carrying The Fire vigorously relay the fact that the boys have been working hard in their time away from the live scene and it’s about to pay off in spades.

More new material including Dead Flowers, Crocodile and Thanks for the Photos follow as Steve and Joe carry on dialog with their projected band mates and crowd alike before the brother’s joke that their new album “will be available to steal” next year.  Crowd favorite Passing Through lights up the room while their definitive single To The Bright And Shinning Sun causes mass sing-alongs amongst all in attendance. The set culminates with the guitar heavy, explosive drum driven masterpiece Drowning Pool which earns the band a standing ovation. Not satisfied we’ve given enough, the Walls return for an encore comprised of Rusty Old River from their days with The Stunning and the Walls very own Bone Deep.

Five years may be a very long time to disappear in the music industry, but as long as The Wall’s continue making music of this quality, they’ll never have to worry about being forgotten.