Dublin band The Rags release their debut album A National Light to the general public this Friday 28th May. Ive had the pleasure of being given an advance copy to mull over and review. Its a 12 song album which is post-punk / garage rock type of music. By and large this is an upbeat fun album from the frenetic Uniforms and Neckties to Love is a lie and Murderous Chant all fantastically upbeat and fun tracks to kick off the album in style in a manner that can’t help but catch your attention.

As the album progress’s at a nice pace they give you a breather and  slow down a little for the lead single A National Light which for me feels very influenced by the likes of The Smiths and The Libertines and Owner of a Loveless Life is another slow one with some great simple acoustic picking which shows another side to The Rags talents. Memories are Rife is a wonderfully melodic tune with a piano backing vocals which has a feel of a Ben Folds type song which is really right up my alley. The album picks back up the pace again with A mirror to a woman which has a very catchy riff that quickly reels me in and has me nodding my head along to the tune and then is followed by Bin Bag which is toe tapping fun and upbeat.

The Rags produce incredibly catchy tunes throughout the album, it only dipped for me on about 2 tracks (its next to impossible to produce an album where every song is liked by everyone) but other than that i thoroughly enjoyed the album and its found a permanent spot on my I-pod rotation. It appeals to the heart strings of my youth when i was big into punk and bands like Rancid / NO FX and more recent years The Libertines and has caused me to dig out some golden oldies to compliment this new stuff on a playlist.

Most Liked Tracks : Love is a Lie & Memories are Rife

Least Liked : Bury The Queen or Pennies for thoughts

See The Rags Live

Friday 28th May @ HMV Grafton St – 12:30pm  (FREE!)

Sat 29 May @ Whelans, Dublin  – 8:30pm  (Buy Tickets)

Sat 5 June @ Crane Lane, Cork – 11pm (FREE!)


Uniforms and Neckties
Love is a Lie
Murderous Chant
A National Light
Owner of a Loveless Life
Memories are Rife
a Mirror to a Woman (is a bullet in a gun)
Bin Bag
Gatling Gun
Bury The Queen
Razors and Ropes
Pennies for Thoughts

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