Review of Fiach at Whelans on January 27th 2012

Review & Photos: Abraham Tarrush

Tonight’s headliner at Whelans comes in the form of Fiach Moriarty, better known by his stage name Fiach. A singer-songwriter hailing from Dublin, his début album So I was released in March 2010 to great acclaim. Since then, he has performed with many global artists, as well as playing some international music festivals.

Opening the night with an acoustic set is Andy Earley. Each song tells a tale, of life growing up in Dublin with family and friends. His strong voice and accent adds great depth to the songs he sings. Fiach takes to the stage to a warm welcome from the packed venue. Stating his nerves of having never done so, he opens his set with an acoustic piano number, which is very well received. Moving on to guitar, he continues with tracks such as Wake Up, Waltzing, and Mount Street.

Speaking to the crowd between songs, he explains the inspiration behind them, which builds a more intimate connection for the listener. Following guest vocals from the drummer, the full band arrive on stage, adding an even greater sense of presence to the performance. The effortless talent of the band, paired with Fiach’s strong and versatile vocals, does wonders to showcase his music.

Towards the end of the set, after a strong, yet slow-tempo run of tracks, the venue is brought to new levels of life in the form of Fiach’s well-known single Married to Music. Singing, dancing, and general craic is inevitable. With a short exit after Home Is Where The Heart Is, the band return for a lively encore with a cover of the David Bowie classic Lets Dance. Closing the set with a medley of songs, the night comes to a close with the well entertained audience loud in adoration.

Overall, I have really enjoyed tonight’s show. exceeding my expectations, and left me excited for his upcoming album release. Fiach’s career has gone from strength to strength. Definitely one to watch for 2012!

Set list

Wake Up
Mount Street
Letting Go

We at Swim
Us Folk
Oil & Water
You Dear
Married to Music
Home is Where the Heart is

Let’s Dance (cover)


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