Cork born EleventyFour, or Dorothy as she is known to her friends, is a Dublin based singer song writer, with a twist. Describing herself as “half comedy and all heart”, EleventyFour composes songs with inspiration from the mundane and transforms it into a magical spectacle. Having already built up a reputation as a captivating live performer across Ireland, earlier this year saw the release of The Joy Imperative EP, EleventyFour’s debut release.

The Friend Song is an upbeat track which it is impossible not to smile during. With lyrics such as “I’ve got friends with beards and friends in bands, free spirit friends, friends who wear tight pants,” it gives you an idea of what to expect from EleventyFour; fun and frolics.

Small Wonders, while slightly more serious than The Friend Song, still manages to pack a strong sense of fun and adventure into its short one minute and forty-six seconds. It’s hard not to be drawn to Doherty’s voice, particularly on this track, there is just something captivating about it.

I’m pretty sure this is the only EP where you’re likely to hear a song about stealing a forklift, turning Robin Hood and helping women struggling with shopping bags but with a love song undertone, yet this is exactly what you get with the wonderfully titled Forklife.

While writing a song about a newborn might not too unusual, writing a song about an unborn foetus certainly is. Greetings Earthling may well be the first song to do so, and it does so in exquisite fashion!

Final song on the EP, Arlene Dreams, begins with somewhat of a fairground waltz. It is, well, just lovely! “Come away with me in my hot air balloon”, by the end of the song you certainly want to just so you can listen to more songs!

With the majority of songs under two minutes long, short and sweet really does apply to this EP. What they lack in length, they certainly make up for in their charm and uniqueness. With an expressive voice full of childlike wonder and innocence, EleventyFour really is something special. If The Joy Imperative EP doesn’t bring a smile to your face you may well be dead inside! Whimsical and wondrous, it still displays some excellent song writing skills while being comedic. Definitely an artist to look out for in the future.

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