Delorentos, probably Ireland’s best alternative band in recent years, are gearing up for the release of their third album “Little Sparks”. Hailing from north Dublin, KieranRoss and Níal, have been quietly working away for the past few months with the help of Mercury Award winning producer Rob Kirwan to give us their most ambitious album to date.

Opening the album is the lead track from the recently released “Little Sparks EP”, “Did We Ever Really Try”. It could have been a disastrous move, placing the best known song on the album first; it could have been downhill from this point. Those Delo boys were clearly confident with their material because it is a move that paid off. Although a fantastic song, it merely eases the listener in for what is forty five minutes of pure aural pleasure.

Already a YouTube hit, “Bullet In A Gun”, will not disappoint fans, its’ seamless transition from acoustic to full band gives it an extra kick. Following up a single like “S.E.C.R.E.T”. was never going to be an easy task, but if any band can do catchy indie pop well, it’s Delorentos. “Care For “may well become “Little Sparks’” own sing along classic; with a catchy upbeat tempo, harmonies, dancey guitars and clever lyrics, it is probably the song that remains truest to the original Delorentos sound that made us all fall in love with them.

One of the most surprising tracks on the album is “Give It Up Now”. While most of the album has a much more serious and mature sound, “Give It Up Now” almost goes in the opposite direction. It is unashamedly 80s sounding and well, just fun! It makes no attempt to be “cool” and that’s why it works so well. Sounding like the beautiful love child of Bruce SpringsteenVan Halen and Muse, there is no doubt this will become a live favourite at future gigs. If this isn’t a single, it’s a crime!

On first listen of the album one of the most striking things is just how much the drums have improved. While there was never anything wrong with the drumming on earlier releases, they were often overshadowed by catchy guitar hooks. Little Sparks really is an opportunity for Ross’ talents to shine.

While a great album, there is no denying in places it may just be too different for some fans of “In Love With Detail”. However, while it may alienate some older fans it is also likely to attract a whole new audience. The sound is more ambitious; bigger and bolder, with a less pop feel. Some of the more tender songs on the album show just have much Delorentos have matured as songwriters. “Little Sparks” is a wonderful return to form and hopefully won’t be the last album we hear from them.

Little Sparks is released on the 27th of January.

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