Review by Tadgh O’Connor
Photos by Kieran Frost

Review of Beach House at Vicar Street on November 22nd 2010

The Franco-American duo of Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scally, better known as the dreamy Beach House, have been on the tips of every one’s tongue this year with releasing their third album, Teen Dream. Having been thrown from the back drop and out into centre stage they opt for the much roomier Vicar Street as opposed to Whelan’s, as for their previous gig. A sea of heads separates me and the stage from the upper deck.

The band come out and Scally takes his seat among a mass of electronics and guitar effects. Sampled drums count the band in as Victoria drapes her long hair over her organ and stabs down on its keys, as the band starts with Walk in The Park. While seated Alex’s feet dance on organ pedals cementing the band’s Dream-Pop labels and creating dense blankets of keyboards and guitars.

As the band embark on Norway, the wall behind them explode into a star-field of sparkling lights. The song lulls and is clashed against the powerful and sudden chorus of “Norway-ay-ay-ay-ay”, echoed guitar arpeggios and droning organ. When the song reaches these scattered climaxes alongside the lights and LeGrand’s powerful voice, it’s euphoric.

Like their album’s, the band’s performance can become tedious at times, though this is easily forgotten with such immense highlights as Heart of Chambers, Zebra or 10 Mile Stereo. LeGrand is a born performer; jumping in immensely high heels and taking the Willow Smith approach and whipping her hair back and forward. Scally is an incredibly talent musician constantly shifting between various elements. The band finish off their double encore with 10 Mile Stereo.

Altogether Beach House are an unshakable band. Despite starting off as a duo their music sounds full even in the very ostentatious Vicar street. They have the catchiest (Waltz) beats and their songs are earnest and humble. An intimate gig for those who aren’t a fan of the tawdry. Definitely catch them if you’re a fan.