saw doctors
The Saw Doctors are back with a new album, The Further Adventures of the Saw Doctors, which gives the band a new leash of life.

Current single ‘Takin the Train’ kicks off the album, a mid-tempo track which shows that the Saw Doctors have updated their sound and production values to be more contemporary while still being instantly recognizable.

Love them or hate them, The Saw Doctors have always been able to tell a side of Irish life that few of their counterparts have even come close to try to show. ‘Friday Town’ is one track that does exactly that.

Recorded in Grouse Lodge Studios and produced by Philip Tennant, ‘The Further Adventures of…’ really does seem like opening a new chapter for the Saw Doctors. While there still are tracks on the album that are undeniably old school Saw Doctors, subtle production tricks as on ‘Someone Loves You’ bring it straight into 2010. Strings and classic harmonies could be from the same book as classic 50’s jukebox hits. Is that also a sample I hear?

The injection of new blood to the Doctor Family is a definite plus with Éimhín Cradock’s input in both percussion and song writing. Davy Carton’s unmistakeable vocals are not as harsh or as in your face as in days of yore. And the production works. It gives the impression that The Saw Doctors are more of a unit rather than a singer and a backing band.

The collection of songs work well together and include a number of tracks many bands would give their right arm to be able to write. ‘Hazard’ is an uptempo rock song with a driving bass. The guys show that they still don’t take themselves too seriously with the fun ‘Well Byes’. The track starts with piano before going into a ‘Do Do Do’ refrain. It’s an ear-worm that will get in your head and you’ll be singing the ‘Do Do Do’ bit without realizing.

The Saw Doctors show a more tender side to themselves with ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Songs and Stars’. These are believable and thoughtful. While ‘Last Call’ merges the old and new Saw Doctors in both musical style and production. The album ends with the slightly corny but poignant ‘Goodbye Again’.

There is a Facebook page that says ‘The Saw Doctors should be seen as a national treasure’. Well, they’ve been around for twenty years so far, if this album is anything go by, we could be looking at another twenty.