Reevah has brought together the Northern Irish music community for the video for her new single You Said, Tell Me from her 2020 EP ‘A Different Light’.

The video features the likes of Gemma Bradley, Roe, Cherym and Arvo Party singing along to You Said, Tell Me in home videos created during lockdown.

“We initially had other ideas for the video before the current situation prevented us from our plans. However, we thought we would take this opportunity to create something that would connect people and lift everyone’s spirits together!” says Reevah.

‘”You Said, Tell Me’ has a light-hearted , conversational feel to it so we really wanted to capture lockdown in a fun way for this video… It was great to see how everyone individually reacted, not only to the song but how they’ve interpreted isolation too. While we’ve all been isolated during the pandemic, we’ve shared a universal experience and I wanted that to be reflected in the video and I hope it’s one that everyone can take a little bit of happiness from.”

The full list of Northern Irish acts appearing in the video is as follows: Ciaran Lavery, Cormac Neeson, Conor Scott, Brand New Friend, Roe, Gemma Bradley, Arvo Party, Alice LA, Sugarwolf, Cherym, Waldorf and Canon, Laytha, Rebekah Fitch, Katie Richardson (Hex Hue), Travi the Native, Vokxen and Joel Harkin.