The Cork-based Quiet Music Ensemble, specialists in experimental/improvisational music and sound art, makes a rare visit to Dublin next weekend to present Cork Scene/Heard. This exploration of Cork’s sonic art scene will centre on the work of three artists, Mick O’Shea, Irene Murphy and Danny McCarthy, each of whom has created a new work for the ensemble to be premiered at this event. Described as ‘part sculpture, part installation, part improvisation’ these pieces reflect an approach to sound art taken from visual arts practice, whether through the creative moment itself – the physical meeting of materials – or through the use of sonic artefacts (such as tape) in sculptural work. Offering a fascinating opportunity for audiences to engage with this new work in performance, Cork Scene/Heard takes place in The Complex, Little Green Street, Dublin 7, on Saturday 4 November, at 8pm


Mick O’Shea: Praest
Irene Murphy: FOUND by chance
Danny McCarthy: The Great Listenin(g)

Tickets cost €15/7 and are available from