// Who now?

“Loah – Irish/Sierra Leonean Artsoul singer songwriter and her band of celestial musicians.”

// Listen how?


// You currently provide vocals for Feather, the newly formed RiZA and other musical projects, what is it about working on other projects that you find interesting?

“Being a part of other people’s incredible compositions is an honour and a pleasure. You learn so much about different processes we all have, and get majorly inspired to approach your own music in different ways. I’ll collaborate my whole career I’m sure.”

// You lived in New York for a period of time, what is the most important lesson you learned over there? And also, what made you return to Ireland?

“You can be humble as well as being confident in what you do. Believe in your shizz! I returned because Ireland is my home, it’s where I want to be based from for now and I love the musicians I get to work with here in our thriving music scene.”

// Who are your favourite Irish artists at the moment?

“Loads but ones that spring to mind include Bitch Falcon, I Have a Tribe, Slow Skies, Meltybrains?, Emma O’Reilly… love Alarmist as well.”

// The last text message you sent is your next album title. What is it?

“Oh Wow Deadly!”

// Send us a photo and explain…

“Found this while going through old photos – it’s a little at-home snap from a few years back by the lady who takes most of my artist portraits, my friend photographer Eve North.”


// What have you planned for the rest of the year?

“An EP release! Plus gigs. Keep an eye on the social meejas.”

// You can only hear one song for the rest of your life – what is it?

“For the moment it would be Oumou Sangare – Mogo Di Tiya Be.”


// The one song that you always bust out at a house party?

 “Tony Matterhorn – Dutty Wine. I also bust out the dutty wine dance too…”

Loah plays our ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents…’ night at The Workmans on 26th March.
8pm – €5
Check out all the info here.