// Who now?

We are Leo Drezden, a 4-piece instrumental act from Wicklow.

// Listen How?


// When we last featured Leo Drezden on Goldenplec, you guys were already working on album two. How’s that coming along and do you have plans for a release date yet?

Half way there. We are really enjoying the process. Totally different directions. It’ll be out early next year.

// For a new band, Leo has racked up an impressive amount of gigs already. Any favourite moments so far?

Last week we played in the Sugar Club with New Secret Weapon and Zebra. The most enjoyable gig so far. Our VJ Greg Swords had a cinema screen to work with. Really psychedelic.

// Who are your favourite Irish artists at the moment?

Alarmist, Cholera House, No Spill Blood and Hot Cops.

// Leo Drezden utilise a unique mix of vintage and modern technology, including iPads and smartphones in a live setting. Where do you see technology heading next for live sound, or, is there something due to launch soon that you’re looking forward to trying out?

At the moment a band with our budget can afford a live setup that was previously exclusive to high profile touring bands. Its going to become easier for independent artists to get high end live sound in the future. That’ll make a huge difference.

// The last text message you sent is your next album title. What is it?

‘Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t get up.’

// Send us a photo and explain…

Diamond Dagger and Contour played with us for our album launch. Fuck ton of gear on stage.


// Hows the rest of the year looking for the band – what plans are afoot?

Lots of gigs. Experimenting with new sounds.

// You can only hear one song for the rest of your life – what is it?

Inca Roads – The Mothers Of Invention

// The one song that you always bust out at a house party?

I Thought It Was You – Herbie Hancock

Leo Drezden play our ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents…’ night at The Workmans on 28th May.
8pm – €5/€8
Check out all the info here.