// Who now?

“Buffalo Woman = an electronic pop duo comprising Neil Watkins on Vocals and Tim O’Donovan on production.”

// Listen how?


// Buffalo Woman have performed some unusual gigs in unusual settings, any favourite moments stand out?

“My favourite moment was during the Drop Everything gig last year when people stopped to watch the sun go down over the Atlantic ocean. Here we were on a tiny rock (Inis Oirr) in the Atlantic playing the music we loved. Can’t top that … for now.”

// You both have very diverse and varied musical and performance backgrounds. Has collaborating together brought any new or unexpected aspects of your skillsets to the forefront?

“Yeah, we both have a few years performing under our belts. The best thing about Buffalo Woman is the collaboration. Having both worked in a solo context before, it’s very cool to be able to bounce ideas off a like-minded yet very different person. When the outcome is something neither of us could have come up with individually, it means we’re doing something right. “

// The release of your new single More Than God is timed perfectly with the upcoming Marraige Equality referendum. Can we assume this was not an accident and that the referendum is something important to you guys?

“This song was written by Sean Millar (our mysterious silent collaborator) and a guy called Aiden Cribbon for a show they did a few years back. Myself and Neil got our hands on it and added electronics and stuff. We just reckoned it chimed perfectly with the upcoming referendum and sticking it out with a lyric video would be a good way to show our support.”

// Who are your favourite Irish artists at the moment?

“We’ve played a few shows with Margie Jean Lewis – her stuff is beautiful, loopy, trippy. Her album will blow everyone away. Also SignA, another band we play with on occasion, again with the electronic/acoustic trippiness. They’ve just released their debut EP by the way.”

// When might we expect an album or EP release?

“Well, we’ve got 9.75 songs out of 10 completed for the BW album. Now it’s a case of getting the finances together for mixing, mastering and a nice vinyl pressing (with free mp3 obviously). We have a few release avenues we’re exploring. In the meantime another tune may find it’s way onto Soundcloud soon enough. It’ll all come together at the right time.”

// The last text message you sent is your next album title. What is it?

“I can hear my eyeballs”

// Send us a photo and explain…

“Attached is the only band photo we have. It was taken by photographer Olga Kuzmenko in the Fumbally cafe, which means a lot to the band as it’s where we met, where we hang out, have band meetings, meet lots of lovely people, eat great food and play shows. It’s the reason Buffalo Woman exists actually.”

// Hows the rest of the year looking for the band – what plans are afoot?

“Very exiting. We play GoldenBeck this Thursday for starters! After that, it’s album time (as Todd Terje might say). Then it’s festival time. First up – Body and Soul on the Friday night. Castlepalooza and EP beckon too. Plus shows in random locations once I get my campervan back from the mechanics. Have PA, will play….”

// You can only hear one song for the rest of your life – what is it?

“John Cage – 4’33″”

// The one song that you always bust out at a house party?

 “Oooh, that is a hard one. So many, but the last time I DJ’d I played Rock With You (The Reflex Re-version) – beautifully tasteful disassembling and rearranging of the MJ classic. Speaking of whom, have you heard Tame Impala’s version of Stranger in Moscow? It’d kill a house party but its beautiful for some other time. “


Buffalo Woman play our ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents…’ night at The Workmans on 30th April.
8pm – €5/€8
Check out all the info here.