The News coming down the wires at the moment is that Prince and MCD have settled their case where MCD was suing the quirky artist Prince for pulling out last minute of their Croke Park Gig in June 2008

The Strange Singer cancelled 2 weeks before the gig and Dermot Desmond says he has never been giving a reason for the cancellation, that Prince just cancelled on an absolute Whim.

William Morris Entertainments who were negotiating the concerts had been paid in the region of $1.5 million by MCD, but to book Croker MCD had also paid $949,760. MCD had been seeking to get compensation of €1.7m to cover financial loss and damage to repution of their commercial entity stating that they would never put tickets on sale for any gig they felt was in danger of not happening. William Morris are one of the biggest Agencies in the World and MCD would have every reason to think just that.

Although details of the settlement have not been released thus far, Dermot Desmond has been quoted as saying that he was relieved it was over and that MCD were not out of pocket. Suggest they got most of what they were looking for.

Prince did not appear at the case which he was listed as a Witness to appear. The case was pretty much to assert fault to Prince or William Morris for the Cancellation, Prince had claimed that William Morris had no right to bind him into a contract for Dublin, Something William Morris refutes.

Dermot Desmond said that he was pleased with the outcome and would gladly have Prince over to play anytime, but suggested he get a good manager.