Julie Hough from HAVVK and Stephen McHale from BARQ teamed up to form alt-pop duo PostLast about a year ago and recently released their infectious debut single ‘Connect 4’ which sees the duo reconnecting with their inner child as they seek out new friendships as adults.

“PostLast has been like a little fever-dream escape from all of my regular projects.” explains Julie of the new project. “We come from such different musical backgrounds and have such different musical minds, so there was no preconception about what the project would sound like. I was very stream of consciousness when working on the demos. I’ve always loved Stephen’s guitar playing, and it was really interesting to have a departure from rock music and to work on a project with no previous releases to live up to.”

With the wistful throwback sound of their debut single espousing the joys of reconnecting with your inner child there was only one reasonable option for the video; a game of Connect 4. And just as in childhood the winner is disputed. Where’s VAR when you need it eh?

“We played five games that day and a 4-1 thrashing was the overall result. This is the only one we filmed though, so the visual record paints a different picture!” claims Stephen McHale clearly still licking his wounds. “I’ve been told I’m very competitive when it comes to boardgames, so I’m glad that we are still friends. That’s what the song is about, after all,” adds Julie of the video which also features fleeting glimpses of old Irish TV ads.

Check out the video for Connect 4 below. PostLast plan to follow up their debut with more music later this year, that is of course if Stephen doesn’t take his ball home first.