Stosis might well have been the first punk folk band in Ireland but sure them boys are burning to a crisp in the ditches of hell this ages.  The Pox Men, though, thon boys are still roaming the hills of Donegal.  For the time being anyway.

They got in touch because they have this new song, The Ballad of TRON McDonald.  We have the premiere.  You can still smell the bog water off it if you listen close enough.  Nobody’s making music like these boys these days – northwestern psych folk cyber ballads from under the ground.

This Cyber Ballad is a mash up of the true story of Donegal fiddler Neilidh Boyle entering the faery world, where he learnt to play some magical faery music, and the modern american tale of Tron, the man who went into the Matrix world before it was called the Matrix. They both came back, and sounded like madmen when they told their stories, but tell them they did. So here’s the story in ballad form.”

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