Side 4 Collective the musical playground led by drummer Dave Hingerty are back with ‘Last Roll of the Dice’ the lead single from their forthcoming second album. ‘Last Roll of the Dice’ features the talents of singer-songwriter Mark Geary, Colm Querney (bass), Ruth O’Mahony Brady (piano/BVs), Fiachna Ó Braonáin (guitars)

Through Side 4 Collective, Dave Hingerty (Kila, The Frames, Josh Ritter) sought to create something that provides artists with a platform to experiment and collaborate in a new way.  Dave says: “Side 4 Collective is about approaching music in a way that’s truly collaborative. All the tracks grow very organically, in a progressive and intuitive way. For example, I’ll provide a bassline beat that will act as a prompt for another artist to come in and play around with, and it grows from there. We were excited to work with Mark Geary on this single, it was a lot of fun recording with him and joining him on his creative process.”

Mark Geary has just completed a successful residency in Little Whelan’s featuring Dave Hingerty on drums (pictured above). As Geary explains ‘Last Roll of the Dice’ was inspired by middle aisle malaise.

“I went during the lockdown to Lidl and watched an argument between a couple in the second aisle. He wanted a power washer and a generator. She wanted the waffle maker. They agreed on steak knives!”

Check out the brand new video for ‘Last Roll of the Dice’ below.

If you enjoyed ‘Last Roll of the Dice’ Side 4 Collective’s debut album ‘We Burn Bright’ featuring Josh Ritter, Paul Noonan, Farah Elle, Cathal Coughlan is out now.