Yeah it seems the casualty list is set to grow as the volcano fall out continues to grow and music lovers everywhere will be denied seeing more of their beloved acts.

Initially i think people thought it was fun to say gigs were cancelled because of a volcano, but at the moment we are starting to see proper fall out now of acts who just cannot get to Ireland in time (the boat really could only be a possibility if the act is in England or maybe France) so bands are one by one starting to fall.

None more cruel than Powderfinger who are on their farewell tour and have had to pull their Dublin date tomorrow but they hope to be able to reschedule. This is what Ian from the band had to say – ** NOW RESCHEDULED TO MAY31st **

we are supposed to be leaving on a plane to the u.k today to do some shows….. but volcano says no! bummer!!!! hopefully tomorrow….. sorry Dublin….we will make it up. Then again…. some reports say we wont be flying for a week…. will report in as soon as we know. Rest is as disappointed as us.

Also hit by the volcano is Grant Lee Philips who have posted on their website to say that

European Tour dates postponeded due to Icelandic Volcano

Short simple and sweet i guess.

Finally it seem in the National Concert Hall that Whale Watching II isnt going to happen either with the following statement on the site

We regret to inform you that due to flight disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud, this concert has been cancelled. Please contact the National Concert Hall Box office for further information.

Sorry to be bearing all the bad news. Will update if we hear any more.