Pat Dam Smyth is releasing new single Doesn’t Matter Now from his NI Music Prize 2019 nominated album ‘The Last King’ out now on Belfast institution Quiet Arch Records (Ciaran Lavery, Ryan Vail, Joshua Burnside). Doesn’t Matter Now is backed by new track Happiness – Listen to both below.

“The album has stories from my teenage years, some of the songs are written through from the eyes of the teenager but this one is me now, looking back and sifting through what was a trail of chaotic and destructive times. It’s just a simple song, questioning memories and apologising for the reckless loose ends and questions we leave behind. It’s about wondering if we ever made the right decisions, and then ultimately, making peace with it all. After all is said and done, if it didn’t matter then, it doesn’t matter now. Does it matter now?” says Pat on The Last King.

The winner of the NI Music Prize will be announced on November 7th.