Paddy Hanna has shared the closing track from his upcoming third album ‘The Hill’ out October 16th via Strange Brew.

Colosseum is the second single to be draw from the follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed ‘Frankly, I Mutate’ and finds Hanna in a typically giddy mood in a sandpit of the absurd.

Colosseum is a Doo Wop song about Gladiators, or more specifically a song that deals with feeling out of step in a world not made for you. Your welcome to read into the allegories, but I’d be just as happy if you took the words literally and treated it as the rock n roll anthem for Gladiators, your call!

The video for ‘Collosseum’ finds Paddy Hanna and the Bad Boys donning Lone Ranger masks in a grainy live performance video directed by Hanna himself for the kitsch track which contains echoes of pre-fame Pulp.

Produced by Daniel Fox, ‘The Hill’ also features contributions from Adam Faulkner (Girl Band) Daniel Fitzpatrick (Badhands) on guitar & keys and Jill Redmond on vocals.

1. Last Of Their Kind
2. Cannibals
3. A Strange Request
4. Nameless
5. My Ladybird
6. Sinatra
7. Howling At The Duke Of York
8. My Wise Addiction
9. The Hill
10. Jog On Shall We
11. Colosseum

you can pre-order ‘The Hill’ here. Check out previous single ‘Cannibals’ below.