Paddy Hanna has announced the release of his 4th solo album announces the release of his fourth studio album ‘Imagine I’m Hoping’ via Strange Brew on Friday, 21st October 2022. The 10-track collection features the singles ‘New York Sidewalk’, ‘Yoko Ono’ and new release ‘NIghtmares’.

“There aren’t enough love songs about nightmares,” Paddy shares about the new single.

“My partner and I often have very troublesome dreams, the kind where you find yourself waking with a scream and a gasp for air. On many of these occasions my partner would be there to offer comfort and assurance that everything was alright, upon reflection I realised this was an achingly romantic notion, that of a frightened soul being comforted by the person they love the most, of love waiting for you at the opposite end of darkness. The song pretty much wrote itself from there,” he explains.

Track listing for Imagine I’m Hoping

  1. Look For Tomorrow
  2. A Dancer
  3. New York Sidewalk
  4. Nightmares
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Yoko Ono
  7. Our House In The Hill
  8. Symphony Bacalao
  9. Yellow Buffalo
  10. Imagine I’m Hoping

‘Imagine I’m Hoping’ will be available digitally and on limited edition Buffalo Yellow vinyl. Pre-order it now from Strange Brew .