Oxegen Generic LogoThe Hotpress New Bands Stage Lineup was today revealed with a concoction of quality new acts for all to see.

Airborne Toxic Event arnt so new but are a well known up and coming act and should be class, Hockey and Passion Pit have gotten rave reviews in recent times for their live shows, Patrick wolf and Priscilla Ahn add a little soul to the lineup and Little Boots is the biggest act at the moment for the multitasking electro-pop queen.

If you havnt see little boots yet take a look at the video at the bottom of the post you will see her live on Jools Holland.

Other top acts include, In case of fire, The Virgins, The Chapters and Wallis Bird and The Maccabee’s in what is a pretty top lineup for a new bands stage. Here’s the entire lineup

Hotpress New Bands Stage
SpineretteThe Airborne Toxic EventThe Twang
Howling BellsPatrick WolfThe Maccabee’s
The HoursPassion PitWallis Bird
Dinosaur Pile-upHockeyCamera Obscura
Mumford & SonsLittle BootsThe Virgins
Priscilla AhnSneaky Sound SystemWild Beasts
O EmperorGo AudioBombay Bicycle Club
Truffle ShuffleMagistratesIn Case of Fire
Will & The PeopleThe Phenomenal Handclap Band
The Chapters

Little Boots on Jools Holland, Multi Tasking at its best, The Electronic Synth with the lights is called a Tenorian and is Little Boots Signature Item.