Oxegen Generic LogoWell with Oxegen literally just under a month away, the organisers are frantically getting as much cool stuff in place to make this years Oxegen the best festival yet.

Focus is now being directed towards the campsite where Thursday night camping has been brought back so that revellers can start their weekend a day earlier

Tickets for thursday night camping cost 20 euro and being there thursday means you get to be first pitching your tent so get some prime punchestown location. The Campsite will open on Thursday at 12 noon and will close on Monday 13th July at 6pm, yes 6pm so you wont have sirens and alarms and disgruntled security guards kicking you out of your tent first thing monday morning.

There will be a live stage called “The Thursday Night Live Stage” this stage will feature some top tribute acts including The Stone Roses Experience and Definitely Maybe. Cover band Smash Hits specialise in all things classic 90’s and AC/DC cover band HELLS BELLS will be rocking out where their heroes had been only days before.

The Thursday Night Live Stage will run from 4pm until 2am, Thursday only.

The Blue Campsite will see the return of The XBOX Live Stage with its massive visuals and thumping sounds from live performers and VJ Sets. There will also be gaming pitting Oxegens best gamers against each other. The XBOX Live Stage will be open from 2pm till late in the blue campsite each day including thursday.

The Name Silent Disco must be patented as its effectively the same thing but Headphone Disco returns to Oxegen again this year after once again proving massively popular. 2 top DJ’s will stream tunes direct to twin channeled headsets and the party will kick off, drop by and watch the spectacle from outside, there’s nothing like watching 2000 people dancing and shouting and singing along when from outside you cant hear a thing, They will all look like lunatics

There for the first time ever will now be a CAMPSITE FUNFAIR. yep each campsite will have its own funfair which should mean more people get to enjoy the fun and queue’s will be less. Slingshots, Dodgems, Rodeo Bulls and Rides should make it a great bit of fun to escape.


This year improvements are being brought in to increase the enjoyability factor of camping, for one there will be more seating around the campsite, so if you find yourself trekking long lengths you can take a breather and  relax for a few minutes, hopefully the weather will be there on the day and you wont be hiding from the rain. So keep an eye ouch for these picnic benches

Open air Barbeque areas will be introduced but only disposable barbeques are permitted and you can only use them in the designated area. Its not glastonbury, but its an improvement definitely.

There will be a mobile recharging facility which we assume will be free but not much has been said about it and Lockerhouse (whom if i remember correctly did glastonbury) will be involved to provide locker facilities for your good this year, being honest this is the best facility at a festival  possible, it safeguards your items while your out for the day.

The Lockers are Accessible 24 hours a day, you only need your access key to get your items back, meaning you can safely squirrel away your passport, medications and money and phones and even charge your phones through a 12v cigarettes style power outlet. The Lockers are CCTV managed 24 hours a day so it is secure. This will almost guaruntee that should the worst occur and you get robbed or attacked (not saying this is likely but this is the real world it could happen anywhere) You most valuable items would be absolutely safe. You can book yours now by visiting www.lockerhouse.co.uk/events.asp

Bui Bolg, the guys behind last years stone henge style entrance will be back and placing lots of pop art items around the campsite to help with navigation, so remembering where your tent is wont be such an issue.

The Free Hot Showers are back, The Pull Parlour salon will provide beauty treatments, Centre will again be running 24hr convenience. Scouting Ireland will be offering their Tent Pitching Service (Small Fee, No Hassle, Tent Up)

That about sums it up, Oh The Petrol Emotion are playing the Heineken Green Spheres Stage on the Sunday